A meetup and outreach group for asexuals in southern California.

A meetup and outreach group

for asexuals in southern California.


Building awareness of the asexual community since 2013

Ace Los Angeles is a social meetup and educational and outreach group for asexuals (ace for short) and aromantics in the southern California area. We host social meetups twice a month. Additionally, we raise awareness through outreach and educational presentations and events.



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Our Message

Asexuality is real and valid.

Asexuality is not a mental illness or disorder.

Relationships are valid and valuable without sex.

Focal Points of Ace LA


We meet on the third Sunday and on the first Monday of each month. Our meetups are very casual. Meetups provide a safe space for asexuals, are aromantic-friendly, and the first half-hour of our Sunday meetup is devoted to meeting new members. Please check our social media for more info on time and place.


We are dedicated to the asexuality outreach movement of LA. Our goal is to educate and spread visibility on asexuality's wide and diverse spectrum. Past outreach efforts include marching in Long Beach Pride and hosting presentations on Asexuality 101 and Asexuality health issues for medical and mental health professionals.

We are also available for panels and interviews. Please contact us via email or our contact form with inquiries.

media consulting

We have consulted on aseuxality on productions such as BoJack Horseman, and Shadowhunters, and we’re available to work with studios, production companies and LGBTQIA organizations to help everyone learn more about what asexuality is – and isn’t! We are content buyers, and if you are content creators, crafting narratives involving ace characters and storylines, let us help you get it right and attract more audiences.

Asexuality is not a signal that a person is necessarily stunted emotionally or physically, and feeling sexual attraction or inclination is not the line everyone must cross to be treated like an adult.
— Julie Sondra Decker, author of The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality