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Annual fundraiser 1/3 of the way! Let's keep going!

An update from our mascot, Ace Spectrum:

Ace Los Angeles's annual fundraiser is 1/3 of the way there! Which means we can almost pay for another year of website service. This allows us to put across a professional presence when we're asked to consult on projects which feature asexual characters - and we have consulted on a few so far!

Here's what else is at stake:

* Registration for the Long Beach Pride parade. We're paid up for this year, due to last year's successful fundraising. Raising the money in advance helps us not worry if we can participate!

* Buying a table for the Resource Fair at Models of Pride, an annual conference for LGBTQIA+ youth. We gave two panels on Asexuality 102 and Asexuality for Mental and Medical Health Professionals last year. Giving the panels are free, but if we want to have visibility and reach more young people beyond the ones who attend our Ace 102 panel, we have to buy a table.

* Gas for transportation to the annual Asexual Unconference in Berkeley in June. The conference is free, but your support will help us get more people there.

* Any unanticipated educational outreach efforts that come up during the year.

Please donate and/or share our link. Thank you for your help and generosity!

Shari Ellis