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Congratulations to Bojack Horseman on Season 4!

Now that the new season 4 of "Bojack Horseman" is out on Netflix, we can reveal that our co-executive director, Shari, was brought in as a consultant to talk to the staff about asexuality due to the character, Todd, coming out as ace in the season 3 finale. They approached GLAAD, who reached out to David Jay of AVEN, who sent the request to Ace Los Angeles. We've since lent our consulting services to another production, but "Bojack Horseman" were the first to reach out.

Shari sat with the producers and writers for an hour and a half, and they asked great questions, as they had already done some research. They wanted to do right by the ace community, and from what we've seen in at least one review of the new season, they're handling Todd's asexuality with sensitivity. "Bojack Horseman" is one of our favorite shows, and we're honored they included our voices and gave us the opportunity to have some input. Many thanks to Raphael Bob-Waksberg and company. We can't wait to dive in!

Shari Ellis